• About Clear Nexus

    A definitive connection with your company’s needs. ClearNexus is the link to the solutions your company needs to satisfy the increasing and diverse set of corporate functions that become necessary to implement as your business evolves. We help you navigate the complexities of today’s business operations environment by providing comprehensive expertise in all aspects of [...]

  • ClearNexus Services

    ClearNexus Business Solutions offers a global business process outsourcing platform with the flexibility to address all of your needs regardless of industry. Our client business types include those in the financial, technology, application processing, sales, and loan industry. Whatever your companies needs, ClearNexus Business Solutions has the manpower and [...]

  • Cloud Solutions

    ClearNexus is a Microsoft and IBM partner.  We provide a variety of cloud based services, including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, IBM SmartCloud and others. Corporate IT departments are shifting from the traditional client/server model to a cloud based model for their software needs.[...]

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    Companies that the ClearNexus team has worked with.[...]