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How to Write a Blog Post for SEO

| March 25, 2013

blog postWe are publishing a list of reputable resources to review on how to write a blog post for SEO.  Click here to contact us to discuss your web copy writing needs.

Blogging for SEO: How to Write Blog Posts that Rank Wellfull article
By Rich Brooks on

Takeaways for blogging for search engine visibility. 


  • To create a blog that generates search engine traffic and new leads for your business, follow this simple formula:
    • Build your blog on a domain you own and control.
    • Focus each blog post around a narrow, keyword-rich topic.
    • Create a title that starts with your best keywords.
    • Use your keywords early and often in your blog post.
    • Make your post easily shareable through the social networks.
    • Leverage your blog’s newfound search engine power by linking to critical pages on your website or e-commerce store.


4 Tips for Writing SEO Friendly Blog Postsfull article

By Samuel Axon on

Here’s a pro tip: You’re not likely to win strong ranking for more than one or two search terms at once, so minimalism is a virtue here. Don’t get over-ambitious. Focus on one potential search term, then if you want to rank for a second term, write a separate and unique post specifically with it in mind.