Contact Center Software

Tired of watching your reps twiddle their thumbs between calls?  Wish your inbound and outbound teams could be more flexible depending on call volumes?

The ClearNexus blended contact center software solution allows you to enhance your contact center’s overall productivity by allowing your agents to both make and receive calls as demand and strategy dictate.  No more unnecessary division of reps and workstations.

Your resources, working efficiently, all the time!

How do you benefit?

 Improved Efficiency
 With ClearNexus Blended Contact Center Solution, automatically distribute inbound calls to the appropriate reps while allowing outbound calls via predictive dialing.

Consolidated Performance Measurement and Reporting
Enjoy end-to-end real-time and historical reporting of both rep and call center activities, providing the visibility and insight your managers require to positively impact your bottom line.

100% Uptime
With our efficient and reliable system architecture, powered by our innovative Virtual Telephony Application Grid        (V-TAG), we provide up to 99.999% uptime.  That means more time for you to reach your customers and your customers to reach you!

Reduced Costs
Our Blended Contact Center Solution is reliable, seamless, and scalable, providing you the flexibility to manage your costs in line with your needs.  No hassle, just productive business.