ClearNexus offers secured offshore hosting from beautiful San Jose, Costa Rica.  Our networking facilities are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure reliability and security for your e-business.  ClearNexus offshore hosting is built with redundant fiber optic connections to Tier-1 Internet at speeds as high as OC-8.  The data facility is secure and monitored with 24-hour cameras.  Our technicians are highly trained and certified in computer science.  In addition to our technical specialist, ClearNexus is also supported with customer service certified telecommunication support.

Shared Hosting – this is the most popular choice, most websites are hosted using shared hosting.  Shared hosting provides your own secure space on a shared server.  This is perfect for those who do not require a VPS or Dedicated server.

VPS Servers – this is the equivalent to having your own server in many ways, except you save money by being on a shared server.  This solution provides complete DNS control and a management/monitoring control panel.

Dedicated Servers – this option provides total control over the server, unlimited bandwidth and an optical fiber 10 Mbps connection.  The dedicated servers provide a guaranteed 99.9% reliability.